Campus Grimstad Healthcare Innovation

JBU, in collaboration with the University of Agder and Grimstad municipality, are developing a health innovation project based in Campus Grimstad.

The purpose of the project is to establish an environment for competence development and innovation within the health sector. The intention is to establish facilities with close proximity to UiA and the competence environment within Sørlandets technology park with focus on research, healthcare, innovative care homes among others. (Possible university care-home and Campus Grimstad Living Laboratory (GILL)).

There are many exciting things happening in the health sector in Agder. The University of Agder has established a test lab (eHelse) in collaboration with Devoteam. This lab will further develop and become the national “Continua – test and certification centre”.  In addition Grimstad Municipality has now been commissioned by the Health Directorate to establish a Living Lab.  JBU, UiA, Devoteam and Grimstad Municipality all work together to establish a common organizational model under the same roof with facilities for concept testing and large –scale implementation of health and care technology. The project, named “Grimstad Innovation Living Laboratory” (GILL), will support the development of eHealth and be an arena for collaboration and innovation between actors who normally would not have had opportunity to work together under the same roof. The activities at GILL will include research, development, education and training in realistic surroundings. The intention is that the activities will be operated in an interaction between municipalities, the University of Agder, the Private sector, voluntary sector, consumers and others.

Ann Elisabeth Ludvigsen at Devoteam has been engaged to draw up a business plan for GILL.

In the long term, this health-element will be an integrated part of the overall district development that JBU is facilitating in Campus Grimstad.

Please contact Egil Andre Mortensen
(Tel: +47 992 94 080/ eam@jbu.no)
for further information about this project.

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