J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS

J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS owns and develops the real estate portfolio of the J.B. Ugland group.
At 65 000 square metres, Sørlandets Teknologipark constitutes a large share of the Portfolio.

We have experience and competence within the development, construction, rental, management and operation of properties, and aim to contribute to the development of towns and cities.

We will use capital, competence and a long-term vision to further regional development. We are involved in significant development and construction projects, and have established our own construction company. J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS has completed large projects such as the development and construction of the University of Agder’s Campus Grimstad.  In building this campus, we were the first private actor to construct a university building in a public-private partnership.

This is how J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS is structured:

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