Real Estate Development

J.B. Ugland Eiendom AS has in recent years become a significant real estate developer in Southern Norway. J.B.Ugland Eiendom AS operates mainly in the Agder -region, with major projects in Kristiansand, Lillesand, Grimstad and Arendal. Long-term ownership and focus on development of significant properties, combined with a desire to contribute to regional development, is a part of a deliberate strategy.

In 2015 we have also taken a step out of the region, now with a focus in real estate development in Oslo – our first projects are Fyrstikkalleen 1 & 3 at Helsfyr.

Real estate development is one of the J.B.Ugland Group’s core business areas. J.B.Ugland Eiendomsutvikling AS manage real estate – and project development within the Group.

We are proud to have positioned ourselves well with solid projects/real estate in the most central cities of Southern Norway. Kanalbyen (Silokaia) in Kristiansand and Barbu Brygge in Arendal are both examples of extensive projects with considerable potential and the right location. In addition, we also own- and develop Campus Grimstad, consisting of the University of Agder and areas in and around Sørlandets Technology Park in Grimstad, together with Kjerlingland in Lillesand. 

Campus Grimstad is regulated for a combination of different purposes with the intention of supporting further development of the University and business development in the area. The project includes approximately 60 hectares of land with a potential of 400 000 square meters of building mass. In the future, the area will include 700-800 residential units, offices, a hotel – and conference centre, athletics hall, public buildings and retail area.

JBU is engaged in development projects within technology, sports and healthcare through strategic partnerships to support the development of the Campus Grimstad area as well to contribute to the overall development of the region.

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