Barbu Brygge – Building A

Barbu Brygge Building A, was completed October 2017.

SG Armaturen

SG Armaturen was completed August 2017

Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL)

MIL was completed August 2017

Sparebanken Sør Amfi Grimstad

Sparebanken Sør Amfi Grimstad, was completed June 2017

Barbu Brygge – Building B1/B2

Barbu Brygge Building B1/B2 was completed April 2017.


MacGregor was completed December 2016

The University og Agder – Addition to building C, 5th floor

The expansion, including new office space, on the 5th floor of the main building was completed August 2015.

Skytterhei 1, Kjerlingland

New building for Handiaid and Agder Traktormiljø, the first built on Kjerlingland, KIL-6 in July 2015.

UiA Campus Grimstad

In 2005 the University of Agder decided to co-locate their departments in Grimstad and Arendal, forming one joined campus in Grimstad.

JBU-building, Terje Løvåsvei 1, Grimstad

JBU-building was completed in December 2015

Nape Kraftverk, Fyresdal

More information about this project can be found at the company’s webpages.

Smag & Behag

Structural work related to the reconstruction of existing retail premises to a restaurant/deli store.

Bjorbekk Terrasse, Arendal

Bjorbekk Terrasse was completed in March 2015

Europris Nedenes, Arendal

Europris Nednes was completed in November 2014

Gimleveien, Kristiansand

Gimleveien, Kristiansand, was completed in August 2014.

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