Kanalbyen 2A

Progress at construction site:

Building A-B: Facades are completed. Work on the interior is ongoing with installation of kitchen and painting.

Anticimex builds new office – And wearehouse at Kjerlingland

J.B.Ugland Entreprenør AS started the construction of Anticimex’s new office and warehouse at Kjerlingland during November 2017. Expected completion of this 680 square feet building is set for summer 2018.

The Agder city business park

J.B.Ugland Property Development inc. has joined forces with Lillesand Industrial Sites AS (LINA) in the development of the Agder Business Park in Kjærlingland, Lillesand.

Grøm Trading Park

At the northernmost part of Campus Grimstad an area of appr. 34 000 m2 along the road Vesterled is set aside for combined purposes, trade among others.

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