J. B. Ugland Eiendom AS’ primary activities are in Grimstad, where the company develops and manages properties in and around Sørlandets Tekonologipark. Sørlandets Tekonologipark is part of the Campus area of Grimstad, where southern Norway’s new university building was completed in 2010.

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The JBU building is the newest office building in Sørlandets Teknologipark. We have our own offices here and we also lease out offices to other tenants.
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The establishment of the University at Sørlandets Teknologipark has brought Ugland Eiendom a step closer to its vision of creating a complete environment in which business, academia and the public sector can progress through close interactions.
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Our largest office building which houses major tenants as Skatteetaten and Sykehuspartner. This building also houses the canteen and gymnasium.
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Located in close proximity to the University, and UiA is one of the tenants. This is one of our smallest buildings and  the premises are therefore suitable for smaller establishments.

Other premises

At Kjevik airport, we manage a hangar of approximately 425 square metres. The hangar is currently rented.

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