Sørlandets Teknologipark consists of three buildings all connected by walkways so that one can walk on dry land between them.

Jon Lilletuns vei 3

Located in close proximity to the University, and UiA is one of the tenants. This is one of our smallest buildings and  the premises are therefore suitable for smaller establishments.

Jon Lilletuns vei 1

Our largest office building which houses major tenants as Skatteetaten and Sykehuspartner. This building also houses the cafeteria and gymnasium.

Terje Løvås vei 1

The JBU building is the newest office building in Sørlandets Teknologipark. This building emphasizes modern technology and high standards for energy - and environmental solutions. The extended use of glass areas makes this a modern building with a timeless design.



The cafeteria is located on the ground floor of Jon Lilletuns vei 1. A friendly,- and service minded group from ISS staffs the cafeteria. They offer two hot dishes every day, in addition to a salad buffet and a variety of prepared sandwiches.

The cafeteria offers a concept called M-eating, in which it caters food for meetings. The food can be ordered and picked up in the cafeteria, or be delivered to the offices.

Torunn H. Kjerland
Phone: 400 10 632
Email: 421015@no.issworld.com


Tenants in Jon Lilletuns vei 1 and 3 has several meeting rooms in the common areas that can be freely used by the tenants of these two buildings. There are meeting rooms of varying sizes, and also an auditorium that seats 130 people.

Tenants in Terje Løvås vei 1 is expected to have covered their need for meeting rooms within their own premises. Beyond this, it's possible to rent a meeting room in Jon Lilletuns vei 1 and 3 by agreement.


In Jon Lilletuns vei 1 and Terje Løvås vei 1, there are locker rooms with showers for those who travel with bikes to work or exercise before / after business hours.

In Jon Lilletuns vei 1 there is also a well-equipped gym with treadmills and bikes. This can be used by tenants by paying a small sum for the leasing of equipment.


The common reception for Sørlandets Teknologipark is located on the ground floor of Jon Lilletuns vei 1. The reseption is serviced between 08.00 - 16.00.

Services offered at the reception:

Switchboard function
Pick up / drop off mail

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